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FailureTypes ban appeal

 Started by FailureType

Please answer all questions throughly and to the best of your ability.

What is your ign? FailureType

Why were you banned? X-Ray

Why should you be unbanned? My decision of using X-Ray on Prison Tech and having an unfair advantage over other players was immature of me and was not thought through and I regret it fully and it will NOT happen again or anything like it, if there is anyway my sentence could be reduced or taken away with my progress on the server being reset completely and I could also give an apology to the server's players and staff publicly I just want to be able to be apart of this community faster and be able to grind again on this great server - Sincerely FailureType

Do you have any evidence proving your innocence? Guilty as Charged

When was your evidence produced? N/A

Do not abuse this system in any way, or file troll ban appeals. Your appeal will be denied and you will no longer be able to appeal your ban. Do not appeal if your ban includes "No unban"

By FailureType, 5 months ago

Thank you for admitting, I will reduce your ban to 15 days. You also have the option to buy an unban in the shop. 

By MCNation, 5 months ago

Locked, due to appeal status changing.

By xeu100, 5 months ago