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PvP in A Plots

 Started by AncientTom

How come A Plots isn't protected from PvP. Is this an oversight or do you really intend to have plot builders fight for their life in A-Plots instead of building and whatever they want to do on their plot. I'm glad that I was killed before buying a plot. There is no need for me to be there if this is the way it's going to be. I try to avoid servers that force me into battle. I like all phases of the game of Minecraft except PvP which renders the rest an impossible play. My hole family, my Daughter and Grandchildren, played on the original PrisonTech as a family several years ago before there was a falling out between the owners. Back then, we enjoyed building on our A Plot and setting up shops without worrying about someone trying to kill me. Accross from my shop, my Daughter, Budderboots, had a shop that was a huge statue of her ingame character. My GrandDaughter, PixelPaw, set her shop up a couple streats away from us.

By AncientTom, 4 months ago

Hi, AncientTom if you were to go inside of the plot in A I believe it is protected from PVP. Although, I do see your point of view on this situation.

Respect is for those who deserve it, not for those who demand it.

By mattwithabat, 4 months ago

This is a real show stopper for me. I do not see any value in building a shop in an area where virtual bullies can slay you to make themselves feel good. It doesn't matter if I am safe within my own plot, if this threat exists outside my shop door, there will never be any visitors to my shop other than those who want to do me harm. 

Before this bullie killed me, he kept trolling me in the sell sign area and got in my face, telling me to vote for the server. This same child then attacked me in the A-Plot as I was about to buy a plot. After he killed me and I respawned, he kept in my face and insisted that I vote and then he would return my stuff. I had enough of that and left the server. I haven't been back.

PvP is one thing when it is a sporting event between two concenting challangers but bullies like this, taking over the server, makes Minecraft play unenjoyable for everyone else who do not want to enguage in PvP. I am 74 years old and just want to play in piece at building, mining, commerce, and all the other amenities that Minecraft is all about. At my age, I can no longer consider taking on a PvP challange with young players who are at the top of their game. If it is allowed soweone to force someone to defend themself,  I will not be playing and supporting this server in the future. On the origenal PrisonTech server, the A-Plot and other areas of commerce and living was non-PvP. What this type of PvPing is all about is kaos and virtual bullying by children that can only feel good about themselves when the are able to pick on someone else that cannot defend themself. Is this what you want to be promoting to young minds?

By AncientTom, 4 months agoLast edited: 4 months ago