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02/02/2020 - Server Update

 Started by Antideveloper


* You now get warned when the mine you are standing in is going to reset

* You now get teleported outside of a mine while it resets

* You can now see when is the next mine reset by looking at beautiful holograms near them

* You can now see when is the next "Diamonds on D" event by also looking at a beautiful hologram at D Mine



* Most of the blocklag issues is now fixed

* Guards can now confiscate weapons

* Guards can now confiscate armors

* You can now be jailed during the combatlog time

* Guards can now warp during the combatlog time

* BMs are now rentable by prisoners from Ward-A and up

* Mines rates adjusted


Quick note about our AntiCheat (CheatWarden):
If you get kicked by CheatWarden, don't panic!
There are no automatic bans, if you get kicked you can instantly relog with no real punishment.
We are still improving CheatWarden detection rates each day to keep the server hack-free and for you guys to have a good experience <3.


If you find any issue with this new update, please post in the "Bugs" subforum.


We also are going to create our first Community Poll so make sure to be heard by voting on it!
These polls are made using YOUR suggestions, so also make sure to give us new ideas for the server.

By Antideveloper, 5 months ago x 1