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Please answer all questions throughly and to the best of your ability.

What is your ign? redeemer777

Why were you banned? multiple offenses of being sexual racist and predatory 

Why should you be unbanned? i beileve i should be unbanned because i brather get temp ban 30d ban for player harrassment because i was 

telling players to shut the fuck up for no reason and i should of calm myself 

Do you have any evidence proving your innocence? no

When was your evidence produced?  no 

Do not abuse this system in any way, or file troll ban appeals. Your appeal will be denied and you will no longer be able to appeal your ban. Do not appeal if your ban includes "No unban"

By redeemer777, 3 months ago

Denied We do not support predatory behaviour, sexual behaviour racist comments or harressment on our server.


If you feel as if you deserve a second chance you can buy a server unban from the buycraft otherwise No



By TheMangledOne, 3 months ago