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Getting Old Rank back

 Started by SoccerStarInOz

Not sure if this is right place to post. Haven't played for over 6 years, found this screenshot from a old youtuber's video from the server. (Can link if needed). Just wondering if this is enough proof to get rank back.


By SoccerStarInOz, 3 months ago

Your rank has been added.  Welcome back to the server!

By milan924, 3 months ago

I dont really have any proof but i was j rank in the original do you possibly have a list or something you can check on?

my name at the time was enderbrine1199

if not its ok XD


By CNStarkiller, 3 months ago

Thank you for helping me get back my VIP! :)

By wwNatto, 2 months agoLast edited: about 1 month ago