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Guard Guidelines

1) Contraband
If contraband is seen, the guard must ask for the item. Contraband includes: Sword, Bow, Drugs.

2) PvP
a. If one prisoner attacks with an item that causes 1.0 damage to the guard, knock the prisoner back 3 times with the stick. After the third time, if the prisoner returns and attacks with an item that causes 1.0 damage again, you may kill the prisoner.
b. If one prisoner attacks you with something that does more than 1.0 damage, you may kill the prisoner.
c. If one prisoner attacks another prisoner with an item that causes 1.0 damage, hit the offender away with the stick. If he returns 2 more times, kill the offender after the third time.
d. If two or more prisoners are fighting with items that causes 1.0 damage, hit them both away and follow the same guidelines as subsection c.
e. If one prisoner attacks another prisoner with an item that causes more than 1.0 damage, you may kill the offender.
f. If two or more prisoners are fighting with items that cause more than 1.0 damage, you may kill the offenders.

3) Safezone abuse
If a prisoner runs into a Safezone after being attacked by a guard with the intent to kill, you can call them out of the Safezone. If the offender goes out and back in immediately after, you may warn them for Safezone abuse. After a total of three warnings, you may jail the offender.

4) Fair chance
Before starting a countdown, the prisoner must be within a few blocks.

5) Riots
If 3 or more prisoners are punching you, you may kill them upon attacking you.

6) Excessive PvP
If a prisoner returns upon its death, and begins attacking you again. Repeat protocol in rule 2. If they return a third time, you may warn them for excessive PvP and jail them if they continue.

7) Running
Running away from a fight results in a 3 minute jail for the offender once the fight concludes. Running through safe zones is considered the same as not coming out when the guard calls the prisoner out.

8) Storing items
If a prisoner stores their items during a countdown, it is treated the same as not going out of the safe zone.

9) Guard piling
There are allowed to be one guard for every three prisoners. If three prisoners are fighting with a guard, the guard must request back up in public chat if the guard requires assistance.

10) Requested PvP
If two prisoners request to not be intervened during their fight, you must oblige. If a different prisoner gets involved in the fight, or if one of the two prisoners that requested the fight begins to kill another player outside of the fight, then you must kill the offender.

11) Block placing on top of mines
If you see a prisoner building on the top layer of any mine, jail for 30 minutes.

12) Repeat offenders
Repeat offenders receive an extra 2 minutes on their next jail time.

13) Warning expiration
Warnings expire after 5 minutes.

14) Set an example
You're the face of the server. You need to be respectful, helpful, and nice at all times.

15) Leave your opinions behind
Any biased thoughts towards another player should be left at the door when on duty.

16) Ban times
If you see any player abusing and deserving of a ban, the max ban a guard may give is 30 Days and to report to an admin with evidence for further punishment.

17) Scamming
Guards may not scam other players under any circumstance. BM Scams are not allowed if being advertised that you are a guard and can't scam. If it is just your BM shop that is not being advertised while on /guard on then it is allowed.

18) No grudges
After being killed in combat, you may not take action on any player previously involved in the fight. You must return with a fresh slate.

19) Logging before jail
If a prisoner logs out to avoid a jail, tempban the offender for 1 hour.

20) Common Sense
If a situation arises that is not listed in these rules, use your best judgment in the moment and report the situation in staff chat.

Chat Guidelines
1) Spam
Defined as when a player says the same message three times in a row, or in a manner that drowns out another conversation. Mute for 15 minutes.

2) Excessive caps
If a player is excessively dodging the caps filter, you may warn them. After three warnings, you may mute for 5 minutes. Add 5 minutes for repeat offenders.

3) Direct messaging abuse
If a player reports that another player is harassing them in their private messages, turn on social spy and watch. If they continue to harass the player, mute the offender for 30 minutes.

4) Swearing
Moderate swearing is allowed, but using words that could be taken as offensive is strictly forbidden. Offenders receive a 30 minute mute.

5) Advertising
Advertising other servers is not allowed. Offenders receive a tempban for 30 Days and report the incident to an admin.

6) Disrespect / Bullying
Depending on the severity of the issue, warn the offender 1-3 times. If they persist, mute for 30 minutes. After the 30 minute mute, if the offender continues, tempban for a day.

Punishments for each offense

Safezone abuse / Refusing to leave Safezone - jail for 7 minutes
Refusing to give contraband - jail for 5 minutes
Running from a fight - jail for 3 minutes
Block placing on mine - jail for 30 minutes
Excessive PvP - jail for 7 minutes
Repeat offenders - +2 minutes jail time
Logging to avoid jail - 4 hour ban
Spam - 15 minute mute
Excessive Caps - 5 minute mute
Bullying / Disrespect / DM Abuse - Follow Server Rules policy
Advertising - 30 Day Ban report on punishment log
Offensive swearing - Follow Server Rules policy

Guard Commands

/sword [name] - Asks for the player's sword
/bow [name] - Asks for the player's bow
/out [name] - Asks the player to leave the Safezone
/jail [name] jail [time] - jails the player
/duty - toggles your duty
/guard on/off - when on duty, make sure guard is on
/emute [name] [time] - temporarily mutes a player
/tempban [name] [time] [reason] - temporarily bans a player
/refresh - refreshes your inventory
/guards - use to see if any other guards are on