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Regarding combat logging

Here is a bug which I pray doesnt get fixed.

I have two ranks on here

about 1 month ago

Are we just letting staff do whatever they want?

Look whats happened to the staff team ever since we left Peuton XD

At least there was somewhat of order when I was around not to be a narssicist.

3 months ago

Guard Application?

I believe there may be as the staff team has been purged of all inactive members. This is not confirmed as there are a substantial amount of guards. When remastered comes out or if the player base rises then indefinitely.

5 months ago

Who is waiting for the server to come up

Hello, I have some good news, the server has already been released.

connect via the ip


have fun

5 months ago


If you are referring to the rank, MVP is only available on remastered which is yet to come out. VIP is the highest on OG prison

5 months ago