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Titan Refund

I already Checked Logs for you to see what rank you are and it displays the last payment you sent was in 2018 of june. As it wasnt for Titan but MVP and MVP was live for that entire year I can't refund your MVP payment just because you decided to get yourself banned with a rule 22.


As well as you didnt loose your rank its still on your player. You lost access to the server which means in the end of it there are no refunds as stated in the TOS.

3 months ago

Are we just letting staff do whatever they want?

Wait you two where active staff?, I will look into this though as I do see it as an issue but dont act like it was better when you where around because I didnt really have a staff team when you where here.

3 months ago

Potential for world download

We will not do a map download but what I can say is that the server will not be going anywhere anytime soon

4 months ago