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Hello Ivan117, if you still haven't gotten your rank yet I suggest contacting an executive via discord.

about 1 month ago

VIP Donor Rank

Hello ceacer1, what I recommend you do is go onto the PrisonTech discord and contact one of the executive staff members, and they will be able to help you out. If you do have this provided screenshot, I recommend sending it in a private message.

about 1 month ago

Regarding combat logging

Thank you for the report; I will make sure the executives patch this immediately.

about 1 month ago

Ban appeal for BraYouHaCkEr2007

Hello BraYouHaCkEr2007, what I recommend you do is put more detail and effort into your application if you seriously want to be appealed. Include what you were doing at the time, what caused you to be screen shared, and if you were hacking, simply apologize and confess that you would not do it again. By doing so, you will either get unbanned or a shorter sentence. That is what I recommend you do in your application if you would like to increase your chances of playing on this server again.

about 1 month ago

PvP in A Plots

Hi, AncientTom if you were to go inside of the plot in A I believe it is protected from PVP. Although, I do see your point of view on this situation.

4 months ago