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Everything here has and will be under constant review by staff and players. We want nothing but to have this community be a fun, cohesive group of people of all walks of life.
If you have any questions or concerns, please PM a staff member over the forum/discord, or /msg them in game.
evading your ban will result in a IP ban.

1) Be respectful at all times, towards both staff and players. This includes discord and teamspeak, usernames, nicknames, pet names, banner content, and signs. Disrespect is defined as libel, slander, excessive/unnecessary rudeness, and/or harassment towards any other player/staff member, in server chat or over any other medium. 1 to 3 warnings will be issued for disrespect. If disrespect continues, a temp mute of 30 minutes will occur. If disrespect continues after the mute, a 24 hour temp ban will be enforced. If the disrespect is of a certain degree the staff member has the right to pick a punishment they see fit.

2) Do not spam chat or use excessive caps. 3 Warnings will be issued, followed by a 5 minute temp mute. If it continues further you get a 30 minute temp mute. If this is done intentionally to annoy users then the punishment can be at a staff members discretion 

3) Please try to watch your language. (Profanity) We are not going to ban you for this, BUT there are younger people on the server, so be respectful. Use common sense, and use profanity in moderation. < Excessive swearing will earn up to 3 warnings with a link to this post, followed by a 5 minute temp mute. If it continues further you will get a 10 minute temp mute.> Mass use of racist words can cause the punishment to be more severe and even wind up in receiving a ban from the server.

4) Do not advertise other servers or merchandise on our servers! If you have youtube channel or twitch stream account, ask an admin before advertising. 

5) Do not ask for staff ranks. (If you want to apply for guard, apply here on the forums.), asking about your application to a staff member 

6) Hacked clients are strictly prohibited, and will result in a 30 day ban.

7) Threatening anybody with a DDOS attack or any related attack will result in a universal IP/Player ban.

8) Any sort of racism will not be tolerated and will result in an perm mute without warning.

9) Giving out anybody else's personal information is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, player/staff IRL names, contact information (outside what they're willing to provide of their own accord), locations, IP addresses, places of school/employment, etc. Anything you personally would not want out in the public is a good standard to go by. 

10) Block glitching out of prison, into furnace rooms, or into other illegal regions [defined as regions where it's possible to enhance gameplay in an otherwise-impossible manner, or leave the current build] is not allowed. 

12) Lag machines are not allowed. (These will be destroyed on sight or after report.) 

13) Guards and admins are not allowed to abuse rules/players. We are to not hold grudges, and are to treat players fairly. We are your example for the server. If you see any staff member abusing their powers, report it to another staff member/admin with proof, either on the forums or over discord/teamspeak.

14) Possession/use of illegal items will result in a 30-minute jail after 1 warning, followed by a 1-day temp ban. (See below for list of banned items.)

15) Do not disconnect before getting punished it will result in a temp ban of at least 24 hours!

16) Read the rules posted at spawn, and obey them! Also, if any admin tells you to do something, do it, no matter what it is!

17) Owning two stalls is against the rules. If caught owning another stall on an alt, the stall will be removed. As well as owning more than 6 cells will result in a ban.

18) Do not Spam drop items on staff, this will result in a 2 minute jail period that will be issued after 20 items+ have been dropped.
- If you drop less the guard can decide if it is a situation where it has purposefully been done. 

19) If you are found exploiting any glitches/bug/map breaks it will result in a 30 day ban.

20) Finding an issue within our server and abusing it instead of reporting it to the admins will result in a ban.

21) Using VPNs to vote and receive more tokens will result in a server IP Ban.

22) This list is likely not exhaustive, and if at any time the admin team believe a player's actions to have negative effects on the network, on another player's gaming experience, or think a player's rhetoric to be disrespectful to staff and/or towards other players, the admins are well within their rights to remove that player from the network. That includes YOU, guards! Note: ONLY SR.Wardens, and Owners may ban for this reason and can be overturned by a staff vote.

Repeat offenders are subject to harsher punishments.

Allowed mods:
- Optifine / BetterFPS
- Armor Status HUD Mod (5zig, etc)
- Shader Mods
- Build schematic mods without print ability
- Better Sprint (only forward better sprint, no side way one)
Any mods that are not listed here are NOT ALLOWED. Remove them before playing.

Banned Items (Normal Prison) :
Brewing Stand
Sticky Piston

Lava Bucket
Blaze Rod
Magma Cream
Ender Pearl

Plot Signature Rules:
- Any staff member is allowed to, with an Admin's help, give someone a plot signature of their own design.
- Any staff member is allowed to, with an Admin's help, remove their signature from any given plot, after providing proof of consent from the current plot owner.
- Plot signatures are transferable through plot purchases.
- Plot signatures are also transferable individually, but only with demonstrated proof of consent from a) the plot owner, and b) the recipient plot owner. Consent of signature owner is optional, but recommended, unless you want to run the risk of receiving a removal request.
- Former staff, whether they step down or are demoted, do not reserve the right to remove, or oversee transfer, their signatures from/between any given plot(s).
- Staff members are allowed to sell their signature to players for in game money. If the staff member wishes to have the signature removed, they must refund the plot owner in full, regardless of whether the plot owner is the same person to whom the signature was sold.
- Plot owners are allowed to know the correct value signature on their plot borders were assigned by staff, upon a given transfer.